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Do you broadcast live?

No, I just liked the name. Calls are published more than a month after recording, and shared with callers beforehand.

What are your privacy / confidentiality policies?

1. Callers have full “veto” power.

  • I honor any request to cut any portion of recordings, or remove names and other identifying information, even after publishing.

2. Confidentiality

  • I have experience as a health care professional, and follow general privacy / confidentiality practices for information callers share outside of recordings.

3. No major changes without notification

  • This project is for learning and sharing. I have no intention to monetize it. If I’m ever considering changing that or making other substantial changes, I’ll remind callers of their right to remove content.

How do you know you’re helping people?

I don’t. My goals are to practice IFS and share it with others. I’m upfront about that with callers, and don’t offer, advertise or sell any services. Callers share background information with me privately. If they’re in crisis I refer them to professionals.