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History of LiveIFS & My Practice

Hoping to become an IFS practitioner by following in my footsteps? A Warning!

This experiment has an n=1. I’ve researched best practices around “how to learn/practice”, and consistently apply them, but others using the same protocol might progress at 10x or 10% of my pace.

Hoping to heal/grow through IFS? This is not the quickest route!

I’m learning to guide others, and although some mutual growth occurs, it’s not the most efficient way to heal thyself. If I could go back a couple years, I’d focus more on the inner work. Insights there are always applicable to guiding others; the reverse is only occasionally true.


Q1 Goal: Unrelated to IFS (Create student-led documentary module for microschools)

  • Jan – Tim Ferris interviews Dick Schwartz. I learn that IFS is not pseudoscience.
  • Feb – Quit former passion project (podcast about alternative education)

Q2 Goal: Unrelated to IFS (Plan visit microschools)

  • May – IFS zoom calls with IFS Guide (Facebook)
  • Start using Discord, join IFS servers.
  • June – Begin recurring peer work
  • Experience first of my own exile unburdenings
  • June – Record my first demo to share publicly
  • June – Start daily practice: reviewing expert sessions first thing – still at it, Dec ’22

Q3 Goal: Unrelated to IFS (Help microschools w tech, start blog re: Accountability)

  • Join IFS-Institute’s circle program. Good, but equivalent resources are freely available
  • July 31 – purchase
  • Aug – Start booking callers daily
  • Aug – Test ~20 audio engineers. Hire Zikri
  • Sept – Quit accountability blog project
  • Sept-Jan – Daily blogging re: my parts work. Not published as of Dec ’22
  • Sept – Contact ~73 IFS pros in search of supervisor. Hire one
  • Sept 10 – create Intro / Outtro for podcast
  • Sept 27 – Decide to stop seeking highlights of calls, instead focus on the challenging spots

Q4 Goal: Get Good At IFS

  • Oct 14 – Publish LiveIFS podcast first calls
  • Oct 29 – First recorded triad with supervisor – not published
  • Nov – Start building public knowledgebase
  • Nov 30 – Quit work with supervisor
  • Nov – Begin contacting pros to showcase, Lucas Forstmeyer says no


Q1 Goal: Establish IFS Dojo

  • Transcribe, diagram pro sessions
  • Start attending Bill Tierney’s group, abandon Q goal
  • Become moderator
  • Feb – Begin publishing every other day
  • March – Research “Free and open‐source therapy”, meet w Gita Kiper
  • March – Quit public knowledgebase project, publish “Free Resources” on Notion
  • March 18 – First Pro showcase call recorded (Bill Tierney)

Q2 Goal: Showcase pros & quit anything that isn’t IFS (or supporting it)

  • Create
  • April – Publish non-LiveIFS sessions database
  • April – Lucas Forstmeyer says yes
  • May – Test ~12 audio engineers, Hire Ivan
  • June – Hire ICF-style coach for accountability re: IFS projects
  • Through next quarter – Contact ~168 Pros to showcase

Q3 Goal: “Retire” from biz, Get good at IFS

  • Aug – Publish 100th LiveIFS episode
  • Aug 30 – Start seeking mentor, Percy Ballard appears on calendar
  • Sept – Add “Anonymous feedback” form to episode description
  • Sept – Poll Discord audience for direction, agree with top result (the one most focused on improving my practice)
  • Sept – Publish “Discover IFS” podcast

Q4 Goal: Get great at IFS, create “Master’s Program”

  • Pause “Showcase pros” project
  • Interview teachers and doctors of clinical psychology, start designing course
  • Design “IFS competencies” feedback form to solicit pro feedback
  • Integrate Tony Rousmaniere’s “Deliberate Practice for Psychologists”, get his approval of course design
  • Finish designing private knowledgebase & flashcards
  • Diagnose chronic physical ailment interfering with Self-presence in calls
  • Begin formal (solo) deliberate practice sessions, share scoreboard with coach
  • Receive session review from Percy Ballard
  • Hire Bill Tierney as coach/mentor